The Grapevine



From the Pastor’s Pen:

What a season the past 13 months have been! We’ve seen much and I dare say, much more is yet to be made manifest.

This is the first edition of our Church Newsletter, with hopes of producing an edition every two months, totaling 6 for the entire year. The design of this newsletter is simply to inform and engage the congregation in “the know” as it relates to our uniqueness and what’s happening in “The St. John family.” To make this happen, I can only share with you what I know or has been shared with me via Sis. Bettye Johnson, Church Secretary.

Going forward, I would like to ask the membership to forward your birthdays, anniversaries, special days/events (weddings, funerals, musicals, fundraisers, banquets, outings, etc.) directly to Sis. Bettye Johnson. Sis. Johnson will ensure I receive these notices and then a decision will be made to ensure it meets the criteria for the Newsletter. In order for this process to flow smoothly, Sis. Johnson will need your submitted information (in writing) no later than the 15th for the approaching month, in order to make the next printing of the Newsletter.


Pastor is presenting dual series for both Wednesday Night Bible Study (Why did God send the 10 plagues on the Egyptians?.and on Sunday Morning Worship (His Death Certificate Purchased our Birth Certificate).

> During Wednesday night Bible Study, a young man messaged Pastor Bledsoe to say he wanted to become born again. This person gave his life to Christ and will be baptized on Sun; April 25th at the conclusion of morning worship.

 As stated, baptisms will take place on the 4th Sun/April 25th, at the conclusion of morning worship. We have two candidates for baptism.

> Currently, we’re averaging 20-25 people in attendance for Sunday Morning Worship (Inside of the building) ….. Social Distancing and wearing of facemasks are required.


> Dever, Henson, Conner, Lucas, and Morris families.

> Harris, & Long families.

 Benson, & Bledsoe families.

> All of St. John Membership.

> Sis. Debra Majors.

> All Frontline Workers & 15t Responders.


Wishing a Happy Birthday to all of those born in April or May.

> Wishing a Happy Anniversary to all who jump’d the broom in April or May.




The high number of daily cases are still too elevated to return to “standard, full-time worship services.”

Thank you, Brother Kelvin Johnson, who sanitizes our church building each and every month, free of charge, simply because he wants to do his part in keeping the membership alive and safe.

> As previously sent out in an email, “the earliest” we will resume our “regular, full-time worship services” is May. This is not to say we are returning in May. In fact, we may be resuming our Parking Lot Worship service so as to have more participants to join us. TBD.„.

 We still need to wear our facemasks and practice social distancing, whether inside the building or outside for the Parking lot services.

 We cannot and will not enforce individuals getting a Covid vaccination. This is an individual’s decision, and that decision will be respected on both sides of the matter.

 Obviously, known persons with Covid are not allowed in the building and will be kindly asked to vacate the premises.


Brandon Bledsoe is running for Bellmead City Council, District 5 Seat.

Keith Henry, Jr. is engaged to be married in 2022.

Every 3rd Friday of The Month…… St. John and Shepherd’s Heart Mobile Food Pantry will be having a Grocery Give-away, looking to feed over 225 families. (3 rd Fridays, 10am-12Noon). Church Parking lot.

 Plans are in the works to possibly start a Boys Scout Troop, (ages 12-18) in less than 4 weeks.

 We have a new start time for Sunday Morning Worship….. 10:00 a.m.

 This is a very condense worship format, with only announcements, songs, preaching, and tithes/offering presented to GOD.

 You can catch the Sunday Morning Worship (10:00 a.m. and Wednesday Night Bible Study (6:30 p.m.) on Pastor’s Facebook Page. Are you friends w/Pastor? Why not?

 We’re working toward the creation of a St. John Official Website as another source to live stream services.

 You can send your tithes in using the Givelify app on your phone. Simply download the app, and follow the instructions outlined from the app.

 Pastor Bledsoe’s phone number is the only number he’s ever had for cellular. Save these numbers, 254.715-1105, Elect Lady Vicki’s number is 254.981-8050. Sis. Bettye Johnson’s number is 254.723-6852.


Church Informational Meeting………..TBD (To Be Determined)

> Return to “Standard, Full-Time Worship Service” …….TBD (To Be Determined)